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The Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA) began its existence in 1941 under the name Florida Sewerage and Industrial Waste Association. Subsequent name changes over the years are reflective of the evolution of public attitudes about wastewater management and the environment.  Membership has grown over the years and today our membership exceeds 1,300 clean water professionals.  Our local chapters, student chapters, committees and Utility Council help to unite Florida's clean water professionals responsible for protecting the environment through education programs, professional development and promotion of sound public policy.

More than 70 years after its creation, FWEA continues to make historic differences in the advancement of the water environment, science and technology, making it a leading professional water organization in Florida. Our history says a lot about the leadership, dedication and hard work of the members of this organization


James Wallace, P.E.
FWEA President

Addressing Today's Challenges and Celebrating Water Workers

It seems that this year, more than any I can remember, has presented us with an unrelenting, continuous stream of challenges. Covid-19 itself is the biggest one we continue to face; however, a cascading list of secondary impacts (e.g. remote working, social distancing, safe practices, infectious diseases in water/wastewater, etc.) are all directly linked and/or exacerbated by this pandemic. Add to these newer issues the many challenges we were already facing (e.g., diversity/inclusion, resiliency, sustainability, emerging contaminants, nutrient removal, microplastics, etc.), and clearly, it‘s easy to see that we are at a pivotal time that requires us to be at our very best.

Continuous learning and professional development are key components to the advancement of our industry, as well as each of us individually. The solutions to the many challenges stated above are at our fingertips. With this month‘s focus on Emerging Issues, it happens to be well-timed with a robust growth in on-line, virtual opportunities to engage. These pertinent conversations, technical sessions and learning environments will assist each of us in real-time to adapt and solve to these unique challenges.  

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