Air Quality Committee

The mission of the Air Quality Committee is to develop and conduct educational programs related to air quality control within Florida's wastewater field. The committee works to achieve this by conducting annual workshops on air quality and odor control. 

The FWEA Air Quality Committee presents an annual Environmental Stewardship Award for Odor Control at the Florida Water Resources Conference. We encourage utilities to submit applications for this award.   Please visit the Awards Page to view the Selection Criteria for this award.

The Air Quality Committee has just launched The Odor Oracle, a quarterly newsletter with topics of interest for FWEA members. 

JOIN US FOR THE 2024 FWEA Air Quality Seminar
in Kissimmee, FL

Date: Thursday, February 22nd

This one day seminar is comprised of presentations provided by a group of nationally recognized experts / consultants in the area of odor control.  It is truly a unique opportunity to hear and learn from odor consultants from throughout the country on a local level.  A full range of subjects centered around odor control will be provided and will include question and answer opportunities during the day.  A catered lunch will be provided and is included in the registration fee.


Committee Leadership

David J. Hunniford, PE | V & A Consulting Engineers
(941) 928-3421

Eric Hansen | Xylem
(951) 326-7415

Ryan McKenna, PE, CPM | Hazen and Sawyer
(813) 682-1213

CEU/PDH Educational Coordinator
Larry Hickey | Equipment Plus Solutions, Inc.
(352) 237-1869

Past Committee Chair
Robert Jeyaseelan | VAPEX Environmental Technologies
(407) 977-7250 x111

Skip Beach | R.C. Beach & Associates, Inc.
(727) 736-3696

Michael Acra | In-Pipe Technology
(847) 804-8258

Danielle Arney | Xylem
(941) 313-6597

Juan Arteaga | Collier County Utilities

Nathan Arthur | Vapex Environmental, LLC
(407) 367-8665

TJ Black | Hillsborough County Public Utilities
(813) 264-3850

Philip Clark | City of Tavares
(352) 742-6485

Michael Coletta | Odyssey Manufacturing
(401) 644-4875

Chad Collier | ECO2
(302) 222-0932

Rob Gaylord, PE, ENV SP | Brown and Caldwell
(813) 371-9303

Vaughan Harshman, PE | V & A Consulting Engineers
(941) 928-0453

Tom Menke | Pinellas County Utilities Engineering
(727) 464-4000

Darrell Milligan | DOer Products and Services
(386) 854-1471

Darryl Parker | Lee County Utilities
(239) 357-0246

David Pickard | Premier Magnesia, LLC
(813) 928-2793

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